download codecDownload the PotPlayer media player here. The potplayer or KMPlayer Reloaded was created by the same developer as KMPlayer. Since it has its own filters, any external codecs will not be used by the player. Much like the VLC media player. Potplayer can play broken files as well. These include files that have not completed download from say a torrent download.

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Real Alternative

download codecDownload the Real Alternative which is a media player that allows users to play RealMedia files (.rm, .rmvb, .ra, .ram, .rpx, .rp). This without the need to install RealPlayer. Now to install the Real Alternative player, you can download the setup file from this website below and then run it on your computer. The media player installation process is similar to installing any other software on your system. Once the installation is complete, you can open the media files that are supported by the player.

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HEVC Video Extension + HEIF Image Extension

download codecDownload the HEVC Video Extension as well as the HEIF Image Extension here. This will allow you to view HEVC videos (.HEIC ) and HEIF Image (.HEIF). There is also the .HEVC files in Media Players which we also have here. Each will have its own installation process. The HEVC is the latest picture format, which is the HEIF image format which is much better than the JPEG format.

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download codecYou can download the FFmpeg here as a video encoder for your codecs. There are a few of these such as the myFFmpeg, SmartFFmpeg, FFmpegGUI as well. Each of these are different. The FFmpeg you can download below and then install this on your computer. See below what this is as well as how to use this. See other video encoders as well on here.

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MPC Video Renderer

download codecDownload the MPC Video Renderer  here. The Media Player Classic (MPC) is a popular media player that can be used in conjunction with the madVR video renderer. MadVR as you will know is a high-quality video renderer that enhances the visual quality of videos by using advanced algorithms for upscaling, chroma upsampling, and other post-processing techniques. There is also the media player classic and MPC-HC as well.

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download codecDownload the MPC-HC media player. This MPC-HC is the upgrade of the media classic player which is no longer developed. This is the media player classic home cinema edition. There are a number of difference between the two. None the less you can download the classic player below which is the home cinema edition. This is commonalty referred to as the MPC-HC player.

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