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What codec pack would you recommend?

download codecQuestion : What codec pack would you recommend?┬áPeople the CD with my previous codec pack (Kazaa Lite 3?.?) Is over. Which should I download codec pack (MP Classic, QuickTime, Real and BSPlayer should be at least in it and no advertising pop-ups laesstige! Hilfeee the selection is too big!CyberLink Power DVD and VLC I’m on it.

Best answer:

I would advise you not to install any codec packs. They tend to create many problems and then uninstalling them is also a bigger problem. If you be best to get the VLC player as that is about as good as what you can get. VLC does not require any codecs and best of all it can play broken files better than any other player.

If there is a codec which it needs then you can find the codec it requires and only download that codec. You are best advise again to not install the codec packs. See the problems with these here.

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