AC3 Filter

download codecDownload the AC3 filter, a software filter that allows media players to play audio files encoded using the Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio codec. This codec is commonly used in DVDs, HDTV broadcasts, and other digital media. You will note that the AC3 filter decodes the audio data. It then sends it to the sound card for playback. Then enabling the media player to play the audio correctly. This allows to play video files with AC3 audio codec and other such codecs.

AC3 Filter

The AC3 Filter allows you to play audio files encoded using the Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio codec. These can be on a number of media players. These are not limited to the VLC, Potplayer, Media Player Classic, MPC-HC, Real Alternative as well as the Windows Media Player. It also enables the playback of multichannel audio. This filter is commonly used in movies and other high-quality audio sources. You will also note that the filter may also include features such as downmixing, which allows the audio to be played on devices that do not support multichannel audio. This can be very useful for many people who are mixing music tracks.

AC3 Filter with Potplayer

As you will know that PotPlayer is a media player that can play a wide variety of audio and video formats. With regards to the Filter you will need to install this filter with the Potplayer. Once the filter has been installed and configured on your computer, you will then be able to play any AC3-encoded files in PotPlayer. Note however that some versions of Potplayer already have the filter installed with the media player software. Potplayer comes with additional codecs call the open codecs for potplayer which has the filter in it.

AC3 Filter with Real Alternative

The Real Alternative media player allows you to play Real Media files (.rm, .ra, .ram, .rmvb) without having to install the actual RealPlayer as they are not related. It comes packaged with the Real Alternative package. Once you have installed the package the filters will also be installed. The filter is included in Real Alternative package, it allows you to play audio files encoded using the Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio codec.

AC3 Filter with MPC-HC

The MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Cinema) is a popular, open-source media player. Once the filter is installed you will be able to listen to audio files encoded using the Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio codec in MPC-HC, you will need to have it installed. Some versions of  the MPC-HC may also already include the filter by default. Note also that the Audio Codec Tag 2000 and 8192 may be requested when the filter is missing. This filter also solces the AC3 DVM codec missing. Also look at the AC-3 ACM Codec.

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Download AC3 Filter 1.11

Version  1.46

Download Version 1.6b lite

Version 2.60