K-Lite Codec pack on a Mac

download codec K-Lite Codec pack on a Mac. How do you install the K-Lite codec pack on a Mac? I’m trying to install the codec pack onto my Mac, and the .exe file doesn’t know which program to open with. Help?

K-Lite Codec pack on a Mac

K-Lite Codec Pack is not available for Mac. It is only available for Windows. Macs have built-in codecs and do not need additional codec packs to play most media files. You can use the built-in QuickTime player or VLC player to play media files on your Mac. Autoloading Subtitles in Media Player Classic as well as K-Lite Codec pack on a Mac and how to make snapshots with VLC are listed on this website.



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  1. You don’t need K-Lite.

    Get the FREE (and Amazing) VLC Player from:

    It plays virtually everything, audio AND video.

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