Autoloading Subtitles in Media Player Classic

This is how autoloading Subtitles in Media Player Classic works. You will also see that there are many options when loading the subtitles for the media classic player. Note however that the player will not most times read a sub-directory if you made it where the player is located. See below how best to get the media player to load the subtitles.

Autoloading Subtitles in Media Player Classic

When you are using the Media Player Classic (MPC). You can enable the “Autoloading of subtitles” option to automatically load and display subtitles that have the same name as the video file. You can see this within the player itself.

Now to ensure that the subtitles load in the media player classic you will need to open the MPC. Then goo to “Options” and then “Player” and click on the “Subtitles” tab. Check the box next to “Autoload subtitles” and then click “OK”. This should start the autoloading process.

Now in order to complete the automatic loading for the audio track, you can use DirectShow filter like the Haali Media Splitter. It automatically loads the correct audio track based on the priority you set. It’s a good idea to set the language priority in the configuration of Haali Media Splitter. Autoloading Subtitles in Media Player Classic as well as K-Lite Codec pack on a Mac and how to make snapshots with VLC are listed on this website.

You can also use other DirectShow filter like the LAV Audio and Video decoder, which also has the feature to prioritize audio tracks based on the language and codec. See also the DirectVobSub options which has been listed on this website.

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