Potplayer Subtitles

download codecSee how to play Potplayer subtitles. Sometimes, the videos we download from certain websites come with subtitle files. Likewise PotPlayer now provides a convenient way to load these subtitles. Potplayer also supports different formats such as srt, smi, vtt, as well as ass.

Potplayer Subtitles

You can add these subtitles to Potplayer with a right-click and then open the video and click “Subtitle > Select Subtitle > Open Subtitle.” Note that in the window that appears, select the downloaded subtitle file. Note that this is very similar to the article on Autoloading Subtitles in Media Player Classic. There is also the Record a video in Potplayer on here.

Furthermore, PotPlayer offers automatic subtitle loading as well. When the video name matches the subtitle file name and they are located in the same folder, the subtitles in that folder will be automatically loaded when you open the video. Likewise you can download the PotPlayer as well as the GOM Player on this website.

For those interested in learning English through foreign films and TV dramas, finding bilingual subtitles can be a challenge. Many downloaded videos only have Chinese or English subtitles, and ready-made bilingual subtitles are often unavailable. However, if you manage to obtain subtitles in two languages, PotPlayer’s “Add subtitles” function comes to the rescue. You can easily add bilingual subtitles to the video, making language learning more effective and enjoyable.


Real-time subtitle translation

If your video contains only English subtitles, PotPlayer offers a helpful solution through its “Real-time Subtitle Translation” function, which provides machine-translated Chinese subtitles to aid in understanding the video’s content. Lastly also see the Potplayer HEVC/H.265 Codec on here.

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To access this feature, right-click the video playback window and open “Subtitle–Real-time subtitle translation.” By default, the software does not use real-time subtitle translation, so you’ll need to enable it. Once enabled, you can choose the language for translation. In this case, I select English for translation. See also how to use PotPlayer on here.

Below the language selection, you’ll find options to set whether to display the original subtitles simultaneously with the translated ones. Additionally, you can choose the translation engine to use, such as Bing or Google Translate. These options provide flexibility in customizing the real-time subtitle translation to suit your preferences and improve the overall viewing experience. Finally there is also an article on VLC media player display subtitles.



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