Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Codec

download codecWhat is the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Codec. What codec do I need with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (beta)? I would like to add a video to PowerPoint. So I press the “Insert” and it appears as a message: PowerPoint cannot insert a video from the following file. Check whether the correct codec installed for this media format.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Codec

The most common display error as Media Unavailable or Codec Unavailable. What creates confusion is that most of these files are  .wav format files which Windows should be able to play without an issue. One of these should fix the problem:

How to fix it:

  1. The older PowerPoint files came with a  .ppt extension. You will need to open it in a newer version of PowerPoint and send save it with a .pptx extension.  This is normally a PowerPoint 2003 issue which 2010 should have been able to fix.
  2. Now that you have created a new file you need to make a copy of the file;
  3. Now you need to rename the file from .pptx to .zip (myfile.pptx rename ot;
  4. Now extract the files from the zip file;
  5. Got in the extracted files directory and into the media folder (ppt > media folder)
  6. You now have all the audio files for the PowerPoint file;
  7. Convert the .wav file to .mp3 with Audacity which is free.
  8. Now edit your PowerPoint file and replace the abc.wav with abc.mp3


That should solve your issues! You can also look at the libdvdcss library as well as how to fix broken file with VLC Player as well as the Media Player Classic as well. See also why the AVI file cant play in DIVX or Windows also.

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