download codecDScaler5 is used mainly for television deinterlacing. Unlike most existing software for use with TV cards, DScaler implements sophisticated deinterlacing algorithms. Using such algorithms makes sure that each kind of video source is handled a different way. It provides the user with a level of image quality unknown to PC owners until now.


DScaler now handles basic recording and playback of specifically-formatted AVI files using a compression codec of your choice. The end goal being a “time shifting” feature (i.e. pausing of live TV) and not a generic video file processor. In other words, it handles only the video files that it creates itself for this purpose. This is all currently under construction. DScaler isn’t intended to be an all-in-one desktop video utility. The development team has chosen to concentrate on making it the best video processor it can be.

DScaler is software that can be used to process and improve the quality of video signals, such as those from analog TV tuners or video capture cards. It can be used to deinterlace video, remove noise, and perform other image processing tasks to improve the overall quality of the video signal. DScaler is free and open-source software that runs on Microsoft Windows. See also the Codec Tweak Tool as well as the LAV Filters and madflac.

Release Date : There was a final release on 24th Feb 2009

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