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GOM Player codecs needed?

download codecQuestion: I installed Gom Player but for some odd reason GOM will not play an MP4 video file. What codec does Gom need to play this file?

Best answer: Gom player does not need a codec to play the file but you need to check the setting in Gom player to ensure that it will play the video file.

Open the Gom player program. Now Right click on it, then click on preferences. To the left find the “filter” tab and click on it. At the top click on the second tab over “disable filters”. In disable filters uncheck ffdshow audio decoder and ffdshow video decoder. Scroll down and also uncheck intervideo audio decoder and intervideo video decoder. Close it out and close the player. Now your gom player will play the video. You can also change associations which will make Gom the default player for MP4 files.

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