Codec Tweak Tool

download codecThe Codec Tweak Tool is a software tool used to fix any broken associations on your computer with regards to your codecs. The tool will fix most problems. The tool will scan your registry to detect and if needed remove broken references to codecs and filters

Codec Tweak Tool

The tool is a great way to fix and find any problems on your computer very quickly. It has the ability now to fix and correct more than 200 codecs and filters on your computer. If you have codec problems, the tool is the software for you. GSpot is a tool which will only tell you what codecs are missing – this tools will fix your codec problems today!

The Codec Tweak Tool is a well-known software utility that is used to diagnose and fix problems with codecs. This as well as with the DirectShow filters on a Windows computer. Now you can also use it to configure settings related to codecs as well as with the filters. There is also the option to enable or disable certain codecs. Also the options in removing or repairing broken codecs.

What is Codec Tweak Tool

The tool scans your computer for codecs and DirectShow filters. It will then displays a list of all the codecs and filters that are installed. This si good when you wish to troubleshoot codec conflict  issues. You can then use the tool to remove broken codecs alternatively you can repair the codecs that are causing issues. Additionally, the tool can be used to reset codec settings to their default values, and to clear out old codecs that are no longer needed. The Codec Tweak Tool is also similar to the coded sniper.

Finally note that this tool is advanced and it should be used with great care as it can cause some issues if you are not familiar with codecs and DirectShow filters. It’s recommended that you backup your system and make sure you read the instructions carefully before using it. See also the Fix broken file with VLC Player as well as the codec sniper which does almost the same thing.


Latest version:

[ Version 6.6.8 | 1.3 MB | November 24th 2022 ]

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