Potplayer HEVC/H.265 Codec

download codecDownload the Potplayer HEVC/H.265 codec here. HEVC/H.265, the latest video compression coding, significantly improves coding efficiency compared to H.264. It boasts superior video quality for the same file size and the smallest volume for the same video quality. However, due to its relative newness, not all playback software, HD players, HD boxes, smart TVs, and smartphones support this encoding.

Potplayer HEVC/H.265 Codec

PotPlayer, known as an advanced comprehensive media player, initially declared support for HEVC. Nevertheless, a recent statement indicated that PotPlayer has removed the HEVC codec from its internal program, resulting in the inability to play Potplayer HEVC+H265 CodecHEVC files directly on the player. This decision might be attributed to the challenges of supporting this high-efficiency media format, which offers exceptional video quality. Furthermore, other mainstream devices might also face compatibility issues with HEVC videos. Likewise you can download PotPlayer on here. You can also see the HEVC Video Extension + HEIF Image Extension as well for the player if the files below does not work.

However, there is still a solution to enable HEVC support on PotPlayer. If the HEVC codec is applied and installed in the player, it will be able to handle HEVC files successfully. This means that with the appropriate codec, PotPlayer can indeed play HEVC format, harnessing its benefits of improved coding efficiency and superior video quality.

Since PotPlayer has removed the HEVC codec, successfully playing HEVC files on PotPlayer now requires downloading and installing the appropriate HEVC codec. However, you might be unsure about which HEVC codec is suitable for PotPlayer. Lastly also see the article on how to use PotPlayer as well as visualization in PotPlayer and record a video in Potplayer.

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In this case, I highly recommend downloading and installing a codec pack instead of a single HEVC codec for PotPlayer. A codec pack typically contains various video and audio codecs that cater to most mainstream multimedia files, including the relevant video format, such as H.265.

PotPlayer Codec Pack (OpenCodec)

PotPlayer HEVC Codec Pack  32-bit

By using a codec pack, you can easily decode H.265 files on PotPlayer and achieve smooth playback. If you’re unsure about the detailed steps to install the codec for playing HEVC on PotPlayer, follow the instructions below.

PotPlayer HEVC Codec Pack 64-bit



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