Record a video in Potplayer

download codecRecord a video in Potplayer? Sometimes, we may wish to save specific highlights from a movie as separate video clips. While the more common approach is to import the movie into external editing software for this purpose, PotPlayer offers an integrated solution, eliminating the need for external applications. With its built-in recording function, exporting a single video clip becomes remarkably convenient.

Record a video in Potplayer

To access this feature, simply right-click the video playback window and select “Video–Video Recording–Record Video.” This opens the settings window for video recording, where you can configure the output settings for the recorded and exported video. There are various export formats available, including MKV, MPEG4 MP4, and even GIF for more versatile Record a video in Potplayeroptions. See further as to how to record a video in Potplayer. Likewise see also the XVID codec for Potplayer on here.

Moreover, you can adjust the video encoding format by changing it from the default MPEG-4 to a better encoding format like H.264, though the default setting generally suffices. Below that, the “Image Quality” setting allows you to fine-tune the recorded video’s bit rate. Higher bit rates result in clearer videos, but they also increase the file size correspondingly. In most cases, the default 2000 kbps setting is sufficient. Lastly also see the open codec for Potplayer on here.

Additionally, if you solely want to retain the video content and remove the audio from the original video, you can simply set the “Sound Encoding” to “NONE,” resulting in a video without any audio. Lastly also see the how to use PotPlayer as well as it explains video playback at double speed amongst others. Likewise the visualization in PotPlayer and change PotPlayer appearance.

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Once you’ve completed the desired settings, click the “Start” button at the bottom to initiate the recording process. This way, you can efficiently create and export specific video clips right within PotPlayer without the need for external editing software. Lastly also see the Potplayer HEVC/H.265 Codec on here.