LAV Filters

download codecThe LAV Filters  which was formerly known as the LAVFSplitter is a multiformat media splitter which has always used the libavformat codec which is from the the demuxing from the ffmpeg project to demux all sorts of movie files such as  MKV/WebM, AVI, MP4/MOV, FLV, OGG and others.

LAV Filters

The LAV Filters are very impressive when used on movies as they appear to work much better and more efficient than the FFDshow filters.  The LAV Audio is also good but it does not have many features. If there is no sound with the FFDShow Filters when playing your video then switch over to the Filters.

LAV Filters are a set of open-source DirectShow filters that are designed to allow playback of various video and audio formats. They can be used to play a wide range of media files, including those that are not natively supported by Windows Media Player or other media players.

To install Filters. Firstly  you will first need to download the installation package. You can find this listed below. Once the package has been downloaded. You can then run the installer which you will find inside the ZIP file and follow the prompts to install the filters on your computer. Now after installation, you should configure your media player to use the LAV Filters for playback of various media formats.

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How to Configure FLV player with LAV Filters

To configure the FLV media player to use LAV Filters, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the LAV Filters package which is listed below;
  2. Then open your FLV media player and click on options or the settings menu;
  3. Now you will need to select “Filters” or “Codecs.” in the options menu;
  4. You will see in the filters or codecs menu. You can see the options;
  5. Now you will need to select the LAV Video decoder for the video codec;
  6. You will also need to select the LAV Audio decoder for the audio codec;
  7. Finally you can close the options or settings menu. Bow you will need to attempt playing an FLV file. Should the video and audio play correctly. Then you will know that the Filters have been successfully configured with the FLV  media player on your computer.
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Also note that the configuration process as explained above could vary depending on the FLV player. Some media players may not have a built-in codec configuration. This would have to be completed manually. See also the codec sniper to see if there are any conflicts with codecs on your computer.

It is important to keep in mind that Filters are codecs package, so you need to use a media player that support DirectShow filters, Media Players like MPC-HC, VLC, PotPlayer, etc. work with LAV Filters. If your computer does not allow you to switch over then uninstall the Haali Media Splitter.

Latest version:

0.79.2 (2024/04/08)

Download LAV Filters


Older version:
0.77.1  (2022/11/15)



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