VP9 Video Extension

download codecYou can download the VP9 Video Extension here for 32bit or 64bit. You can also get this on the Windows Store online. The VP9 Video Extension is similar to the HEVC Video Extension which operates in a similar way with installation from your PC or from the Windows Store online. There are other players on here as well. These include but not limited to the real alternative or the AV1 Codec  and MPC-BE which are also on here.

VP9 Video Extension

The VP9 extension is a free as well as a well-known open-source video compression format which was developed by Google. This is an upgrade from the eelier version being the VP8 video extension. It sports certain useful features:

  • High compression efficiency: The efficiency when it comes to compression is very important. The VP9 exceeds the standards which had been set by the earlier VP8 compression.
  • Dynamic control of quality: There are a number of tools when it comes to controlling the quality of the video format. These include but are not limited to the quality of the encoded video. You can control bitrate control, boise reduction as well as noise reduction.
  • Improved video quality: There is the use of very advanced techniques when it comes to video quality. These include temporal predication as well as inter-frame coding. This improves the video quality.

To understand what temporal prediction is. This is a video compression technique which has been used in the VP9 encoder as well as in other video codecs. This works firstly by analyzing the motion and texture of the video over time. By doing this is is able to predict the content of future frames based on an average. The predicted frame is then compared to the actual frame and the difference is encoded, rather than encoding the entire frame. What you obtain by doing this is creating much smaller video file sizes as well as having the  lower bitrates which are needed. The high video quality however remains.

VP9 Encoding:

  • The VP9 encoding can also be performed using many other open-source tools. These include such software packages as the libvpx which is an encoder library provided by the WebM Project. There are also other commercial encoding tools which can be used such as the FFmpeg code which is also on this website.
  • The encoding with this is a CPU-intensive however there are a number of optimization techniques that can be used to reduce the encoding time, including multi-threading and hardware acceleration.

Finally, note that there is also container support for the WebM (.webm) as well as the Matroska (.mkv). There is also the CoreWavPack and the MPC-BE as well. Google developed this with the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265). They then moved onto the AV1 Codec as it was more resource intensive but with even better quality. This was mainly for Youtube streaming videos.

Note: If you do not have the Windows application installer on your computer. Then you can download it from the Windows Store. Otherwise download and extract the content. There is a 32bit as well as a 64bit application. 

VP9 Video Extension

(version : VP9 Video Extension 1.0.52781)


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