download codecThe CoreWavPack is a set of DirectShow filters which are divided into the following – & – these have been created to support the WavPack Audio Codec. See the K-Lite codec pack for more codec files.


The CoreWavPack are codecs which allows you to play the WavPack files such as files with the extension (.wv .wvc) in any DirectShow based media player: Windows Media Player, Zoom Player, MPC and TCMP. The CoreWavPack allows you to compress and decompress audio files using the WavPack lossless audio compression format. The library that provides a set of APIs for working with WavPack files, allowing developers to integrate WavPack support into their own applications. This set of filters offers support for WavPack streams embedded in Matroska containers, too.

The two components are:

– (WavPack Audio Decoder)
– and (WavPack Audio Splitter)

CoreWavPack is an open-source audio compression format. This was is designed to be highly efficient in terms of both compression ratio and decoding speed. It is commonly used for lossless audio compression, meaning that no information is lost during the compression process.

Now again, DirectShow is a multimedia framework developed by Microsoft for Windows that allows developers to create multimedia applications. This by using a variety of codecs and filters. Media Player is a DirectShow-based application that can play a wide variety of audio and video formats, including k.

The compression ratio of CoreWavPack depends on several factors, including the bit rate and sample rate of the audio, as well as the specific settings used when compressing the audio. On average as always, the CoreWavPack can achieve a compression ratio of around 2:1 for lossless audio compression, meaning that the compressed audio file will be half the size of the original file. See also the Haali Media Splitter as well as the LAV Filters on this website.

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