MPC-HC Settings

download codecFirstly these are the MPC-HC Settings. Likewise the Media Player Classic – Home Cinema can be downloaded on this website. The MPC-HC also has some settings which you see not only below but also on the other page. The MPC-HC download is on here so click on the link. I have added the basic settings down below.

MPC-HC Settings

Firstly these are the shortcuts for the MPC-HC shortcut settings. Note that you can use these on the MPC as well. Search this website for more information on the settings. Note that this media player makes use of the LAV filters as well as VirtualDub player as well. It uses many of these software codings. Likewise also see the article on AC3 Filter which I had written.


Basic Shortcuts

Space: Play/Pause toggle
Enter: Play/Pause toggle
Ctrl + Right Arrow: Skip forward
Ctrl + Left Arrow: Skip backward
Right Arrow: Seek forward
Left Arrow: Seek backward
Up Arrow: Volume up
Down Arrow: Volume down
M: Mute audio
F: Toggle fullscreen mode
Esc: Exit fullscreen mode

Subtitle Controls:

V: Cycle through subtitle tracks
D: Delay subtitle timing
H: Increase subtitle size
G: Decrease subtitle size

Playback Speed:

[ : Decrease playback speed
] : Increase playback speed
Backspace: Reset playback speed to normal

Aspect Ratio:

A: Cycle through aspect ratios
Ctrl + 1: Original size
Ctrl + 2: Double size
Likewise Ctrl + 3: Half size
Ctrl + 4: Fit to window

Audio and Video Track Selection:

O: Cycle through audio tracks
Ctrl + O: Cycle through video tracks

See also  KMPlayer

Capture and Screenshot:

Ctrl + C: Capture frame
Alt + I: Take screenshot

Subtitle Timing:

Shift + Right Arrow: Subtitle timing forward
Shift + Left Arrow: Subtitle timing backward
Likewise Shift + Up Arrow: Subtitle timing increase
Shift + Down Arrow: Subtitle timing decrease

Other Functions:

Ctrl + P: Open Preferences
Ctrl + E: Open Extended Controls
Likewise Ctrl + T: Show time
F1: Open Help

Likewise these shortcuts can enhance your playback experience by allowing you to control various aspects of the player without using the mouse. Lastly also see more on the Media Player Classic – Home Cinema on this webiste as well. Lastly also the articles that I wrote on How to use PotPlayer as well as How to make snapshots with VLC.