PotPlayer Appearance

download codecSee how to change the PotPlayer Appearance. In the case of small window playback, the top of the PotPlayer playback window displays the video’s name, while video playback control buttons are located at the bottom. If you find this style unappealing, you have the option to customize the software’s appearance by modifying internal settings to achieve a borderless look.

Change PotPlayer Appearance

To do this, simply use the shortcut key F5 to access the settings page. Next, navigate to Basic–Skin/Color and select the “Auto-hide under video” option. Then, switch to the “Skin Overlay/Enlargement” section and change the output method. PotPlayer AppearanceLikewise for the skin on the screen from “Not Use” to either “Use Direct3D 9” or “Use Direct3D 11.” After making these adjustments, then click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the settings page. Note you’ll notice that the borders at the top and bottom of the PotPlayer playback window vanish. Likewise also see the Visualization in PotPlayer for other options.

One of the advantages of this modification is that when you move the mouse to the top or bottom of the playback window. Note that the previously disappeared border reappears, but it is automatically set to transparency. This design reduces the obstruction of the bottom video content. Thus providing a more seamless and visually pleasing playback experience. Likewise see also the How to use PotPlayer on here.

Change the skin

In addition to enabling a borderless playback window, PotPlayer offers extensive support for skin modification, allowing you to completely transform the appearance of the playback window. To access this feature, right-click on the playback window and choose “Skin” from the cascading menu that appears. Within this menu, you’ll find various skins that you can switch between. While PotPlayer comes with only two default skins, you have the option to add more, just like the skin displayed in the picture below, which I added myself.

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To acquire additional skins, you can download them from the forum on PotPlayer’s official website, or you can use the skin I’ve prepared for you. These skins typically come in the ‘dsf’ format and can be utilized by downloading and placing them in the specified folder. Likewise also see the PotPlayer on here and download it there. Lastly also see the video playback speed on here.

To add a new skin, open the parameter setting page using the shortcut key F5. Then navigate to the “Skin/Color Color” option. Click on “Open Skin Folder” to access the folder where PotPlayer’s skins are stored. Once there, simply paste the downloaded skin file into the folder. Then restart PotPlayer, and right-click to select the desired skin. You’ll then be able to freely switch between the various skins, giving your PotPlayer a fresh and personalized look. Lastly you might also see the MediaInfo Lite on here. There is also the HEIF Image Extension as well as the The VP8 Codec.




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