How to convert MSWMM to work in VLC?

download codecHow to convert MSWMM files to work in VLC Media Player? It doesn’t have an option for me to go to FILE. How best to get this done and what is the possible solution.

How to convert MSWMM to work in VLC?

MSWMM (Windows Movie Maker) files are not a recognized file format by VLC Media Player, so you will need to convert the MSWMM file to a format that VLC player does support, such as .mp4 or .avi.

Here are the steps to convert MSWMM to a format that works in VLC:

  1. Open Windows Movie Maker and open the MSWMM file you wish to convert.
  2. Click on the “Home” tab, then click on “Save Movie” option.
  3. Select the “For high-definition display” option, this will convert the file to a high-definition format that will work in VLC.
  4. Name the file and select a location to save the file.
  5. Click on “Save” button.

Alternatively, you can use a video conversion software, such as Handbrake or Any Video Converter, to convert the MSWMM file to a format that is compatible with VLC. The steps will vary depending on the software you are using, but generally, you need to load the MSWMM file, select the output format (e.g. MP4, AVI) and then start the conversion process.

Once the file is saved in a format that VLC supports, you should be able to open it and play it with VLC Media Player. You can also see the Sony plug-in or codec for .mkv files as well as the How to convert itunes video to play in vlc media player on this website.

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