Compare Super Mediacoder 2008 to K-Lite

download codecCompare Super Mediacoder 2008 to K-Lite. Coder SUPER 2008 and are designed to convert video or audio files into other formats. (ie to convert bsw. an AVI video to an MPEG video or convert an MP3 file to WMA). You can also look at convert iTunes video to VLC media player for more.

Compare Super Mediacoder 2008 to K-Lite

Super Mediacoder 2008 and K-Lite are both software programs that can be used to encode and decode video and audio files. There are however many differences between the two programs.

Super Mediacoder 2008 is a commercial software program that provides a wide range of encoding and decoding options. These include and not not limited to including support for a variety of video and audio codecs. There is as well options for adjusting the video and audio quality as well. Note that it also includes a built-in media player, batch processing capabilities, and the ability to add some custom codecs. See also the Sorenson video, Super Mediacoder and K-Lite Pro with Sony RAW Codec and DivX Web Player as well.

K-Lite, on the other hand, is a collection of codecs. This and DirectShow filters that can be used to play a wide range of video and audio formats. It is mainly used as a codec pack for playing video files in media players such as Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic and VLC. It does not include the conversion features or media player that Super Mediacoder 2008 does. See also the post on K-Lite pack does not work as well as K-Lite Codecs not working which is explained differently.

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In summary, Super Mediacoder 2008 is a more full-featured video and audio encoding and decoding software. This while K-Lite is a codec pack that primarily focuses on providing the codecs necessary to play a wide range of video and audio files. Finally you can also browse the how to convert MSWMM to play in VLC article.