Problem playing avi video in Windows 7?

download codecProblem playing avi video in Windows 7? The problem playing avi video in windows 7? I have windows 7. My windows media player 12 wont play avi videos. can anybody suggest a remedy. I tried installing k-lite codec pack without any result.

Problem playing avi video in Windows 7?

Hi, I recommend you try vlc media player below on the file before trying anything else. If you need further help add additional details and I will do my best to help you further. I think windows 7 has some kind of lock or restraint on playing some files that are encoded with certain codecs. However the shark007 codec pack has a settings application that will overide this. Your best bet is to get an alternative player such as vlc, gom, or kmplayer. If you can’t play the file with any of these then you’ll never get it to play. See also the My avi file is broken I tried to fix it with VLC?.

VLC can play nearly anything and in the new version of vlc they have even fixed the 3g2 and 3gp format sound problem, with vlc you won’t have to mess around with any codec crap. I would just try the file on vlc if I was you. If you want you can try shark007 codec pack below, I use it and have no problems. (Official site of vlc media player by videolan. Not the prettiest interface with that big orange cone but this player does wonders for video and audio files.) You can also take a look at How do I get movies to download on VLC media player?.

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1. You never ever want more than one codec pack at a time or you will have conflicts. You must uninstall k-lite before trying shark007 codec pack below.

2. Shark007 does not have a virus, it is a false positive in which the owner shark007 has already submitted to the major antivirus companies for review.

3. If you have win 7 64-bit system you must install the shark007 32-bit codecs then install the x64 addon component after to make it all work correctly.

4. After installing shark007 find the shark007 settings application in your start menu and open it up, then click on the help tab and click on “windows filetype association” This will make windows media player default for all files.




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