Fix broken file with VLC Player

download codecHow to Fix broken file with VLC Player is a good question. My avi file is broken I tried to fix it with VLC but it only fixed 22 minutes of it? The actual video is 1 hour long. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix the rest of it using VLC?

Fix broken file with VLC Player

If you are trying to play a broken or incomplete video file in VLC media player and it’s not working. See also the Problem playing avi video in Windows 7 if this does not do it for you. There are a few things you can try to fix the issue:

  1. Run the file through a media repair tool: There are several media repair tools available online that can fix broken or incomplete video files. You can try running the file through one of these tools before trying to play it in VLC. Additionally you can see the Codec Tweak Tool as an example of what is possible.
  2. Try playing the file in “Ignore Errors” mode: In VLC, go to “Tools” > “Preferences” > “Input & Codecs” and check the “Ignore errors” option. This will allow VLC to play the file even if it is broken or incomplete.
  3. Check the file’s integrity: Use a file integrity checker tool to check the file’s integrity and make sure it’s not corrupted.
  4. Try playing the file on another device: If the file plays fine on another device or media player. The problem is most likely with your current setup or with VLC.
  5. Re-download the file: If the file is incomplete or corrupted, try re-downloading the file from the original source.
  6. Try playing a part of the file: If the file is too large and it’s not playing properly, try playing a small part of the file and see if that plays fine.
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Other Solutions

Basically it’s worth noting that if the file is severely damaged. It may not be possible to repair it, and you may need to find a new copy of the file. See also the articles on AVI file cant play in DIVX or Windows as well as I get sound and no video as well. Those might also be able to assist you.


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  1. Try downloading the same “avi” file from a different website.

    VLC can only do so much, specially with copy-protected files.

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