Videos stutter on VLC media player

download codecVideos stutter on VLC media player is not uncommon. Why do my videos stutter and vibrate on VLC media player? Since I downloaded a bunch of videos off from Youtube using realplayer when. So when I launch them on and download the VLC Player. They all seem to vibrate and stutter. Is there a problem with the videos or program.

Videos stutter on VLC media player

Most of the stuttering that comes with playing a video is from two sources. The first is memory. Check you computer and see how much free memory you have on your computer. You do this by ‘right-clicking’ on the computer task bar and then clicking on “Start Task Manger”. You can see how much memory is available on the computer. This is normally the first problem.

The next problem are hard drives. When the hard drive is very busy in the background you will have a stutter as well. You need to see what else is running on your computer and turn that off. Any program that is using the hard drive very heavily will also consume the CPU and slow the computer down. This will also create a stutter. See also AVI file cant play in DIVX or Windows for more insight.

Those are the 2 most common problems with playing a video. If the video is damaged it will stutter and stop alot. That is a video problem and not a computer problem.

Common reasons for video stutter

So video stuttering during playback is not normal and can be caused by many of factors, including:

  • Insufficient computer resources: Now if your computer does not have enough RAM or processing power. Then it may struggle to keep up with the video playback, causing stuttering. Check if you have enough memory in your computer and processing power. How to check this has been explained above.
  • Outdated or corrupt video driver: Make sure your video driver is up-to-date and functioning properly. This has also been explained before elsewhere on this website. You can read the article called VLC player no video but sound. If the player has gone corrupted then also see the piece on VLC Media Player changes settings which is reinstalling the media player.
  • Overheating: If your computer or device is overheating, it can cause the processor to slow down and lead to stuttering during video playback. See if you are running other processors in the background.
  • Fragmented hard drive: If your hard drive is fragmented. Then it can slow down the access time to the video files, causing stuttering. This is not common with SSD drives but mainly an issue with older computers.
  • Network issues: If the video is being streamed, stuttering can occur if the internet connection is slow or unstable. See the piece on VLC player no video but sound as you will need to check your browser or clear your cookies if it stutters.
  • Video file issue: The video file might be corrupted or have a low bitrate. This comes back to the issues of codecs. See what codec the video was encoded in and install the correct codec for the video file. This can also be an incomplete file which was downloaded. See the article on fix broken file with VLC Player for guidance.
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Common solutions for video stutter

To resolve video stuttering, you can try the following solutions:

  • Close all unnecessary programs and windows to free up resources on your computer.
  • Also don’t forget to update your video driver.
  • Clean your computer to prevent overheating.
  • Also defragment your hard drive.
  • Check your internet connection and try a wired connection instead of wireless.
  • Also try playing a different video file or re-encoding the video with a higher bitrate.
  • Finally, If none of these solutions work, it may be necessary to seek further assistance from the manufacturer of the device or the developer of the media player.



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