VLC thumbnails not showing

download codecThis is a common issue where the VLC thumbnails not showing becomes and issue. See also Icaros v3.3.2 on here. See below how to fix this problem. The VLC player is also on this website. See the screenshots to see what else may be missing.

VLC thumbnails not showing

So, I’m using Windows 10 and VLC with a wireless drive. Everything was awesome, but suddenly, the thumbnails in VLC disappeared, and now it only shows the cone icon. This happens on both the wireless drive and the computer. Interestingly, Windows Explorer still shows the thumbnails. I’ve tried updating the codec, clearing the thumbnail cache, unchecking the setting in Windows to show icons, and running icaros, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else experienced this issue and figured out how to fix it? Likewise you can also find solutions for VLC player no video but sound as well as the Videos stutter on VLC media player as well.


VLC thumbnails 1

So you will see the file and icon but no picture.

VLC thumbnails not showing

Firstly click on Options. Then see the menu and click on Video. Then ensure that thumbnails are enabled.

thumbnails not showing

Click apply and then refresh the directory. If it did not work then move onto the next solution.

VLC thumbnails 2

VLC thumbnails not showing

Firstly click on the Advanced System Settings on Windows.

Click on Advanced and then Click on Settings.

Now see if there is a tick in Show thumbnails instead of icon. See if there is a click in. If not place the tick in there and then click on apply. Then refresh your directory and see if this solves the problem.

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VLC thumbnails 3

If the First as as well as the Second step did not work above. Then install the software called Icaros_v3.3.2. Download the file below and install the codec and ensure that you click on Activate Icaros. The thumbnails will then show after you refresh the directory. See also the Icaros software elsewhere as explained. Lastly also see the VLC plays Quicktime no sound on here.


Icaros v3.3.2


Download Icaros v3.3.2