Media Preview

download codecMedia Preview offers a great solution for Windows Explorer users who want to see thumbnails of their video files without opening them. It’s powered by ffmpeg, a tool that enhances how you view your media files.

Media Preview

Here’s why it’s awesome:

1. Supports Various Media Formats: Windows Explorer usually only previews specific Microsoft or Quicktime formats, leaving out others. It fills this gap by providing previews for all your files, not just a select few.

2. Custom Thumbnails for Better Information: Have you ever seen identical thumbnails in your TV series folders? It solves this by finding unique sequences in your files, giving you more detailed previews.

3. Compatible with All Windows Versions: Whether you’re using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, Media Preview works flawlessly on all versions. You won’t miss out on its features, even with the more advanced 64-bit system.

4. Avoids Boring Monochrome Thumbnails: Unlike the default thumbnail extractor that often picks the first frame (resulting in black thumbnails), it is smart. It detects relevant images and ensures your thumbnails are meaningful and colorful.

5. No System Hassles: Ever had trouble renaming or moving a file because the thumbnail extractor was still running? With it, you won’t face these issues. It operates quietly in the background, allowing you to manage your files without interruptions.

6. Stable and Efficient: Unlike other thumbnail extractors, Media Preview doesn’t mess with your system’s rendering pipeline. It maintains system stability, performs efficiently, and doesn’t overload your system with unnecessary clutter.

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In a nutshell, Media Preview makes exploring and managing your files a hassle-free and visually appealing experience, regardless of the format or Windows version you’re using. See also the Icaros and DT Video Thumbnailer.

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Released: 1.4.3 (April 13, 2014)