Movie Thumbnailer

download codecMovie Thumbnailer (MTN) is a powerful tool that captures thumbnails or screenshots from movie and video files, saving them as JPEG images. It’s designed for efficiency and flexibility, using FFmpeg’s libavcodec engine. Here’s what makes it great.

Movie Thumbnailer

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1. Wide Codec and Format Support: MTN supports a variety of codecs like h.265/hevc, h.264, divx, mpeg1, mpeg2, mp4, vc1, wmv, and xvid. It also works with formats such as .3gp, .avi, .dat, .mkv, and .wmv.

2. Command Line and GUI Options: It’s a command line tool, perfect for batch processing and scripting. However, it also offers a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for those who prefer a visual approach.

3. Lightning Fast Processing: Thanks to FFmpeg’s libavcodec, MTN is incredibly fast, making it efficient for handling large sets of video files.

4. Batch Processing and Remote Use: MTN can recursively search through directories for movie files, making batch processing easy. It can be used on remote servers and in scripts.

5. Priority Settings: MTN runs at a lower priority by default, ensuring it doesn’t impact system performance. You can adjust this setting using the -n option.

6. Various Features for Customization:

  • Likewise thumbnails can be grouped in one JPEG file or saved individually (-I option).
  • Works seamlessly with Unicode filenames in both Linux and Windows.
  • Additionally it detects and handles blank screens and evades edge detection and blur.
  • Offers an update mode that skips files with existing thumbnails (-W option).
  • In addition provides detailed file information (name, size, length, codecs) in a text file (-N option).
  • Supports both seek and non-seek modes, automatically selected based on requirements or user preference (-z and -Z options).
  • Adds a 3D look with shadows under individual shots and allows transparent backgrounds using PNG.
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In essence, MTN is a versatile and efficient tool, catering to both command line experts and users who prefer a graphical interface, enabling them to capture video thumbnails with ease and speed.

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Version: 3.4.2 (February 15, 2022)