download codecLightscreen is a handy tool designed to simplify the process of saving and organizing screenshots. It runs quietly in the background and can be activated using specific hotkeys. Once triggered, it captures a screenshot and saves it according to your preferences.


You can also use the Image Grabber II as well as the CLAutoThumbnailer.

Lightscreen recently got some cool upgrades:

  1. Better Area Selection: Now, when you pick a specific area of your screen, it’s easier because they improved the selection tool. You can also zoom in and adjust the size precisely.
  2. Easy Date Naming: They made it simpler to name your screenshots by date, so you can find them easily when you need them.
  3. Fixes and Improvements: They fixed problems like capturing the cursor, crashes, and SSL issues. Plus, they made other little tweaks to make the whole experience smoother.
  4. Upload to Imgur Directly: Lightscreen now lets you send your screenshots straight to Right now, it’s anonymous, but soon you’ll be able to use your account for uploads in the upcoming version.

These changes make it even cooler and easier to use!

  1. Convenient Upload Options: Lightscreen provides an upload menu accessible through the Screenshot button and the tray icon. This menu gives you access to your Screenshot History and allows you to upload your most recent screenshot. You can also configure it to automatically upload every screenshot or enable Screenshot Previews to choose which screenshots to upload.

Additionally with Lightscreen, capturing and managing screenshots becomes a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly features and seamless uploading options. Likewise see also the GDS Video Thumbnailer as well as the Codec Tweak Tool.

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Download Lightscreen

(Released: Jun 19,2021)