GDS Video Thumbnailer

download codecGDS Video Thumbnailer (GVT) is an amazing tool for generating image thumbnails from your videos in no time. It uses advanced technology to swiftly scan your videos and create frames for each shot. What sets GVT apart is its ability to utilize multiple processors (cores/threads) efficiently, ensuring optimal performance.

GDS Video Thumbnailer

This user-friendly application is incredibly handy and can process entire folders of video files, converting them into a single GDS Video ThumbnailerJPG file containing all the thumbnails. One minor suggestion is to allow placing the “File Info Fields” text at the bottom of the outputted JPG instead of the top. See also Media Preview as well as ImageGrab and  Icaros.

In my opinion, this software is unparalleled for creating video thumbnails, especially when you need to generate a large number quickly. Its ability to process numerous videos simultaneously fully utilizes the power of multi-core processors. It’s quite remarkable that such powerful software is available for free. The developer truly deserves our gratitude for this outstanding contribution.

GDS Video Thumbnailer (GVT) is a software application designed to create image thumbnails or frame-shots from video files. Essentially, it allows you to extract still frames from videos and save them as image files. These thumbnails can serve various purposes, such as creating previews for videos, generating image galleries, or organizing video collections visually. Likewise also see the DT Video Thumbnailer as well as the CLAutoThumbnailer.



Key features of GDS Video Thumbnailer typically include:

  1. Fast Video Processing: GVT utilizes advanced technology to rapidly read video files and generate frames. This speed is particularly useful when you need to process a large number of videos quickly.
  2. Multi-Core Processor Support: GVT is often optimized to take advantage of multi-core processors (cores/threads) in your computer. This means it can efficiently utilize the processing power of modern CPUs, speeding up the thumbnail generation process.
  3. Batch Processing: The software usually allows you to process multiple video files at once. You can specify entire folders of videos, and GVT will generate thumbnails for all of them automatically.
  4. Customizable Output: GDS Video Thumbnailer often provides options for customizing the appearance of the thumbnails. This customization can include setting the output format, adjusting the size of thumbnails, adding text or watermarks, and specifying the position of the “File Info Fields” text on the output images.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The software typically offers an easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for users who don’t have extensive technical knowledge.
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It’s important to note that specific features and capabilities can vary based on the version of the software you’re using. As of my last update in September 2021, for the most accurate and detailed information, I recommend checking the official documentation or user manual provided by the software developer or visiting their official website. Lastly also see the Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer as well as the LameDropXPd.

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Version: Oct 27,2021