download codecThe Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer can be downloaded here. This program stands out as the top choice for creating video thumbnails on Windows. However, I encountered an issue while attempting to generate contact sheets for AV1-encoded YouTube videos. Below, I’ll provide a solution for those who run into the same problem.



For those of you using this program and aiming to create AV1 video thumbnails, the problem arises from an outdated version of MPlayer, which is responsible for frame extraction using FFmpeg. To address this, you’ll need to replace the old MPlayer with an updated version. Compare this to the Video Thumbnails Maker as well as MoviePrint.Here’s how to do it:

  1. Begin by downloading MPlayer 1.5 (compiled with FFmpeg 5.0) from a trusted source.
  2. After downloading, extract the files and rename “MPlayer.exe” to “AMT-MPlayer.exe.”
  3. Now, open AMT and navigate to the settings menu, then select “locate executables.” This will help you find the path where AMT keeps its copy of MPlayer.
  4. Replace the existing MPlayer version with the new MPlayer 1.5 you downloaded.
  5. That’s it! With this change, you’ll now have AV1 support for generating thumbnails.


The AMT (Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer) is a user-friendly automation tool for batch creating ScreenCaps, Thumbnail Index Pictures, Preview Pictures, or Contact Sheets for a wide range of movie formats, including AVI, MPG, Quicktime, Real-Media, and Windows-Media, among others. Furthermore, AMT provides extensive options for customizing the design and layout of your ScreenCaps, making it a versatile tool for your video thumbnail needs. Likewise see also the BS Player on here as well as the AV1 Codec and the Media Preview.

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AMT-Installer_v14_x86 (32 bit)

AMT-Installer_v14_x64 (64bit)


Release: November 26, 2022