download codecDownload and see which media players works with madVR. Download the madVR with Media Players as can be seen here. Note that madVR is not a media player but an add-in to a number of players. The madVR offers certain advantages as you can see below.

madVR with Media Players

The madVR is a high quality video renderer. This can be used in conjunction with media players such as MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Cinema) and PotPlayer. The software also enhances the visual quality of videos by using its rather advanced algorithms for upscaling, chroma upsampling as well as other post-processing techniques.

The software can be configured to work with a variety of display devices. These includes projectors, TVs, and monitors, and it also supports a wide range of video codecs and file formats. To use the software with a media player. You must first configure it with the renderer in the player’s settings. As for mobile phones, you might also want to look as the codec for Sony Ericsson on here as well as DScaler5. None the less the software settings are below.


Notice the device types in the options menu of the software.

madVR Settings

The software has a wide range of settings. These are just come of them when it has been configured to optimize the visual quality of videos. These are you can see is also for different types of displays and content. Some of the main settings that can be adjusted in madVR include:

  • Upscaling: The software has several advanced algorithms for upscaling videos to higher resolutions. These include such options as NNEDI3, Jinc, and Lanczos. You can also select the algorithm that works best for their display and content. Hence the options exist.
  • Chroma upsampling: The madVR also supports several chroma upsampling algorithms. Again these are NNEDI3 and Lanczos. These can be used to improve the quality of colors in videos.
  • Deinterlacing: It has several deinterlacing modes, such as Bob, Median, and Yadif, that can be used to convert interlaced video to progressive.
  • Image enhancement: These options includes several image enhancement options, such as sharpening, noise reduction, and color correction. These can be used to improve the overall quality of videos.
  • Display settings: It can also be configured to work with a variety of display devices. These projectors, TVs, and monitors. Users can adjust settings such as color gamut, dynamic range, and resolution to optimize video quality for their specific display.
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Finally, in addition to these settings, madVR also includes advanced options for adjusting the quality of specific video elements, such as skin tones, and it supports a wide range of video codecs and file formats. To access madVR settings in a media player, you need to go to the player’s settings, and look for the “Video” or “Output” options.


Compatible Media Players

The following media players will work with this software.
Search this website for more media players which will make use of this software to improve on the quality of the video.

Media Player Classic with madVR video renderer

The Media Player Classic (MPC) is a popular media player that can be used with the madVR video renderer. Now to configure the madVR as the renderer in MPC, you’ll need to go to the player’s settings and follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, open the MPC and go to the “View” menu. Select “Options” to open the settings window;
  2. Then in the settings you must select “Playback” from the list on the left;
  3. See under the “Renderer” section and then select “madVR” from the drop-down menu;
  4. Then click on the “Configure” button next to the madVR option to open the madVR settings;
  5. Now look in the madVR settings window. From there you can adjust various settings. These include the Upscaling, Chroma upsampling as well as Deinterlacing, Image enhancement, and finally Display settings.
  6. Now once you’ve finished adjusting the settings, click on the “OK” button to close the madVR settings window and save your changes.
  7. Finally, click on the “OK” button in the main settings window to close it and save your changes.
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Also note that not all MPC version have the renderer option built in and you might need to install madVR separately and configure it to work with MPC. Also, it’s worth noting that the settings are quite complex and it’s recommended to use the default settings for starters and then adjust them according to your specific display and content. Lastly also see the VLC media player display subtitles as well as the VLC Media Player changes settings on here.

Download madVR

latest release v0.92.17

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