DVB Dream madVR installation guide

download codecSee the DVB Dream madVR installation guide here. DVB Dream is a cool program that lets you watch and record TV on your computer. It works with lots of different devices. If you want to make it even better, you can add madVR to the mix. First things first, make sure you’ve got both DVB Dream and madVR installed. Once DVB Dream is all set up, go ahead and grab madVR.

DVB Dream madVR installation guide

After you’ve installed madVR, go to the DVB Dream video settings window by pressing CTRL + G. There, you can choose LAV codecs for all kinds of media. This can be handy if some streams aren’t working with other codecs. Likewise see also the article on Record a video in Potplayer.

Just keep in mind, these steps might be a bit different depending on your software version and how your computer is set up. If you want the most accurate info, always check out the latest guides from the official sources. See also the Haali Media Splitter on here.


  • First, you need to download madVR. Simply head to the official website and get the latest version.
  • Next, unzip the downloaded file to a location you prefer.
  • Then, find the install.bat file inside the extracted folder. Right-click on it, choose “Run as administrator” to install madVR on your system.
  • After that, open DVB Dream and go to Options > Device Options. In the Video Renderer section, pick madVR.
  • Once you’ve made your selection, click OK to save your settings and restart DVB Dream for the changes to take effect.
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Keep in mind that these steps may differ slightly based on your system setup and software versions. Always check the official documentation or forums for the most accurate information.

If you run into any problems, the DVB Dream community forum is a great place to ask for help. Make sure to run all software installations with administrator privileges and update your software regularly for security and compatibility reasons. Likewise also see the madVR which you can download there as well as the MPC Video Renderer.