Sony RAW Codec

download codecThe Sony RAW Codec is a software plugin for Windows computers that enables users to view and edit Sony RAW image files (ARW, .SRF and the .SR2 format). These are in applications such as Windows Explorer and Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer. It allows for more efficient editing and a smoother workflow when working with Sony RAW images.

Sony RAW Codec

These are mainly for pictures from the Sony Cybershot cameras. The ARW is the file extension used for Sony Digital Camera Raw Image Format. You will note that this is a proprietary image format. This raw image data is used by Sony digital cameras from their image sensors. The ARW extension files typically contain unprocessed image data that can be adjusted. The images can also be adjusted for exposure, color balance, as well as for image quality. These RAW images are mainly used by professionals when they process their digital photos.

The SRF image extension is also used by Sony Camera. The RAW Image Format, a proprietary raw image format. This is very similar to the SR2 image format is also the same. They are created by Sony Cameras. The Sony RAW codec allow you to view and edit these photos. This allows you now to view all these Sony images as if they are in the JPEG format. See also the HEIF Image Extension as well as Windows Movie Maker 2.6 when producing images and video while at home.

Download Sony RAW Codec

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