Codec for Sony Ericsson

download codecNeed the Codec for Sony Ericsson as seen? Where can I find a codec for my Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro cell phone HD video? When I use Windows Live Movie Maker to edit my HD MPEG 4 video with my computer Vista. Windows Live Movie Maker said the video is not compatible due to miss of video codec.

Codec for Sony Ericsson

A codec is a software or program that is used to compress and decompress audio and video files. Some mobile devices, including the Sony Ericsson. These tend to have built-in codecs that can play certain types of audio and video files. However, if the Sony Ericsson does not have the codec for a specific type of file, that file may not play properly on the device. You will now need to identify which codec the file is using or which encoder was used. These are common problems as you can see with the article on Sony plug-in or codec for .mkv files as well as the AVI file cant play in DIVX or Windows as an example.

Generally speaking the Sony Ericsson devices tend to support common audio codecs such as MP3, AAC, and WMA, and video codecs such as MP4, 3GP, and AVI. However, it’s better to check the specific model of your Sony Ericsson device for the supported codecs. If the Sony Ericsson device does not support the codec of a specific file, you may need to convert the file to a format that is supported by the device before you can play it.

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Additionally, some third-party software can be downloaded which will enable the Sony Ericsson device. In this case to play additional codecs, like VLC player or MX player. However, it’s not official and can cause issues with the device if not used correctly.



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