VLC player no video but sound

download codecThe most common issue is the VLC player no video but sound. See how to solve the issue. I downloaded a video, but I’m only getting sound and not the video? I think this happened last time and I think it worked when I downloaded a different player. I’m using windows media player. It was called VLC player or something.

VLC player no video but sound

First you can try and reinstall the VLC Player which is explained on this webiste. If you are experiencing an issue with the player where you can hear sound but the video is not playing. See also the I get sound and no video article on here. There are a few possible causes and solutions:

Software Issues

  1. Codec issue: The most common issue tends to be as mentioned earlier. The codec used to compress the video file may not be supported on your computer. First try converting the video to a different format. See in the directory label codec tools and then see what is supported by your device or media player. See the AVI file cant play in DIVX or Windows which looks into this problem as well.
  2. Software issue: Always try a different player to ensure that it is the video file and not the media player itself. If you are online then also, try clearing the cache and cookies. These are not uncommon.

Hardware Issues

  1. Hardware issue: If the issue is related to a specific device, like a TV or monitor, it could be a hardware issue. These can comes from a damaged card such as those who do crypto mining on their computers. The memory tends to come to an early end. Also check that all cables are connected correctly, and that the device is set to the correct input. see the HDMI issues.
  2. Video driver issue: If the video driver on your computer is outdated or not functioning properly. Many times this will also create problems. These tend to give problems with the video playback. This can show as small blocks on an otherwise black screen. First try updating your video driver if it is not the latest version or try reinstalling it.
  3. Internet issue: First you will need to check your browser. Try a different browser or check your internet connection. This is covered in the download movies in VLC media player which covers that issue.
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If none of these solutions work, it may be necessary to seek further assistance from the manufacturer of the device or the developer of the media player.