I get sound and no video?

download codecI get sound and no video? So I downloaded a video, but only getting sound and not the video? I remember this happened last time and i think it worked when i downloaded a different player. Now I am using windows media player.

I get sound and no video?

If you are experiencing issues where the audio plays but the video does not display when playing an .mkv file, it’s likely that the codec used for the video portion of the file is not supported by the media player you are using.

Here are a few things you can try to fix this issue:

  1. Update the media player: Make sure that you are using the latest version of the media player you are trying to play the file with.
  2. Install codecs: Some media players require additional codecs to be installed in order to play certain types of video files. You can try installing the codecs that the .mkv file uses. The Sony plug-in or codec for .mkv files also answers a few questions. The Problem playing avi video in Windows 7 is another possible solution.
  3. Try a different media player: Some media players are better at handling certain types of video files than others. You can try using a different media player to see if that resolves the issue.
  4. Re-encode the file: If none of the above solutions work, you can try re-encoding the .mkv file using a video conversion software, this will convert the file to a format that can be played on your media player.
  5. Check the file: Make sure the file is not corrupted or incomplete, try playing the file on another device or media player to see if the problem is with the file or the player.
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It’s also worth checking the TV manual or the TV’s specification in the website. This to confirm that the codecs of the .mkv file are supported by the TV. See also the video but only getting sound?



2 thoughts on “I get sound and no video?

  1. it is because it is settled to download as mp3 format. you have to look for format settings and pick wmv or avi.
    if does not work, download xilisoft youtube converter. it is easier to use.

  2. I would try a different codec. Many are very poorly constructed and can cause problems. You may want to try downloading a utility to examine your codecs and their associations, which can also cause loss of audio when transferring files. A good one to try is Gspot and it is free.

    Another, if you are using Windows Media products is

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