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I get sound and no video?

download codecQuestion : i downloaded a video, but im only getting sound and not the video? i think this happened last time and i think it worked when i downloaded a different player. im using windows media player.

It was called abc player or something. i downloaded the k-lite codec, but it’s still not working. any suggestions?

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Dont install Codec packs as they create their own problems. Firstly you need to find what you computer needs that it is no playing video. There are 2 options. The first is that you dont have the proper codec and you need to download Codec Sniper which will tell you what the video is using. If that is not the problem then check if the video player is updated. VLC can play most files without any codecs needed. There may however be an odd video which it cannot play. 

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  1. it is because it is settled to download as mp3 format. you have to look for format settings and pick wmv or avi.
    if does not work, download xilisoft youtube converter. it is easier to use.

  2. I would try a different codec. Many are very poorly constructed and can cause problems. You may want to try downloading a utility to examine your codecs and their associations, which can also cause loss of audio when transferring files. A good one to try is Gspot and it is free.

    Another, if you are using Windows Media products is