Change loud MKV video files

To change loud MKV video files is easy to do. There are two options when it comes to lowering the loud sound from your system. With the MKV of other files there are the options as shown below. You can edit the MKV file as shown below or you can turn the sound lower if the standard Windows audio device driver does not lower the sound.

Change loud MKV video files

Firstly, to change the volume of MKV video files, you can use a video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, There is also the Final Cut Pro or Avidemux as other options to permanently lower the volume of the file. These programs allow you to adjust the audio levels of your video file. You will then need to export the file with the desired volume.

The other option is to use command-line tool like ffmpeg which is a powerful tool for manipulating video files. You can download that on this webiste. Also you can use the “-af” flag to specify the volume level you want. You can then also use the “-i” flag to specify the input file and the “-c” flag to specify the codec you want to use for the output file.

Finally, the other option is to use the tools which do not require you to edit the file and simply lower the sound.

Bistreaming is disabled by default, but you can adjust settings:
Codec Tweak Tool > Audio Output

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Your problem is likely caused by a bug in that volume control application.

Try changing the audio renderer:
MPC-HC options > Playback > Output > Audio Renderer

These are your two options when it comes to lowering your sound when Windows does not allow it. The same as with using audio systems such as those from Logitech audio systems. Simply set the sound back to default or lower it with these two programs as listed above. See the codec sniper as well if you think you might have a codec problem. There are other codec tools as well.