LAV Filter Mixing Settings

download codecThis is what the LAV Filter Mixing Settings does for your media player. You will see a basic explanation about the mixing abilities of the LAV filters. Download the lav filter on this website as well as read the article on the LAV Filter Audio Settings as well.

LAV Filter Mixing Settings

Center Mix Level:

Likewise the Center Mix Level controls how loud the voices and main sounds are in the middle speaker of your surround sound system. It helps make sure you can always hear what people are saying clearly.

Surround Mix Level:

The Surround Mix Level decides how loud the background noises and cool effects are in the speakers behind you. It helps make the sound feel like it’s all around you, like in a movie theater.

LAV Filter Mixing SettingsLFE Mix Level:

Likewise the LFE Mix Level controls how powerful the booms and big rumbles are in the special bass speaker. It’s there to make explosions and deep sounds feel super intense without drowning out everything else.

Clipping Protection:

Likewise Clipping Protection stops the sound from getting too loud and distorted, like when you blast music so loud that it starts to sound crackly. It makes sure everything stays clear and not too overpowering.

Matrix Encoding:

Likewise the Matrix Encoding is like squeezing a big sound into a smaller space. It helps fit lots of cool surround sound effects into fewer speakers, so you can still hear them even if you don’t have a huge sound system.

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