Lazy Man’s MKV

download codecDownload the Lazy Man’s MKV which may be able to assist you with the GOM Player codecs as explained on this website. The latest GOM Player may however solves this. The software which was released in 2006 is a combination on filters. This which allow you to play MKV files or decode Matroska files. This only installs 3 DirectShow filters which will not make a mess of your codecs on your website.

Lazy Man’s MKV

The filters in here are the following three filters:

You will also note that you can also install the DirectShow filter for Ogg Vorbis. You will also note that the CoreAAC was removed from this package. As stated that this was last updated in 2006 and may not include all the latest changes to the MKV format. It is however a good start if you are having problems playing the GOM player with MKV files. See also the KMPlayer as well as the the issue of loud MKV sound files under changing loud MKV video files.

Download Lazy Man’s MKV 

(version : Lazy Man MKV 1.0.1 alpha 8)
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