QuickTime Alternative

download codecThe QuickTime Alternative is another project which is similar in nature to the Real Alternative Player on here. QuickTime Alternative is a third-party software for Windows that provides a player for Apple’s QuickTime media format, without requiring the user to install the proprietary QuickTime Player from Apple.

QuickTime Alternative

There are certain parts that you can add to the system. The file comes as a package and you can see what is in the package:

Media Player Classic. This is also on this website. You will note that the player comes with the Quicktime Alternative. The MPC is an older player that no longer gets updated however it plays most files. There are other newer ones such as the MPC-BE as well as the MPC-HC which are updated versions of the media player classic.

QuickTime Codecs also comes with the package. QuickTime Codecs are compression and decompression algorithms used to encode and decode media in Apple’s QuickTime format. Some of the most common codecs include H.264, ProRes, MPEG-4, and Motion JPEG. These codecs are used to reduce the size of media files while maintaining their quality.

QuickTime DirectShow filter (it allows you to play QuickTime content in any player). QuickTime DirectShow filter is a software component for Windows that enables playback of QuickTime media files in DirectShow-based media players. These are used in such players as the Windows Media Player as well as the Media Player Classic, and others. The DirectShow filter allows the media player to recognize and play QuickTime media without requiring the user to install the proprietary QuickTime Player from Apple.
QuickTime Alternative

QuickTime Alternative Plugins

These are the plugins for different browsers. These are all optional as well as the media player classic option. The core filters and codecs are not options as you can see. These are needed to make the QT files playable.

QuickTime plugin for Internet Explorer. This plays the QT files in your browser. These are optional to install. See the other browser options as well.
QuickTime plugins for other Internet browsers (Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Netscape). Much like the internet explore. This will play the QT file in the browser for you while online.

CoreAVC (an external filter for Media Player Classic). The CoreAVC is a commercial video codec for Windows. This will provide the hardware-accelerated decoding of H.264 video. The video compression format is widely used for online video. This will also use the graphics processing unit (GPU) to decode H.264 video, freeing up the central processing unit (CPU) for other tasks.

CoreAAC (an AAC DirectShow filter decoder based on FAAD2). See the rest fo the website for this.

The Real Alternative player will play all the QuickTime formats like MOV, QT or 3GP. The software has stopped development with the QuickTime components at version There is also the QT Lite player which does the same.

QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2