VLC plays Quicktime no sound

download codecVLC media player plays Quicktime movies no sound? My problem is this: on my hard drive, among others, I have a bunch of Quicktime movies. I’ll play all the videos with VLC Media Player and it also run (almost) all perfect.

VLC plays Quicktime movies no sound

There could be several reasons for this issue where is is no sound. The most common cause is that the audio codec used in the Quicktime movie is not supported by VLC. In order to fix this you can try installing the codecs or downloading a compatible version of the movie. Another possibility is that the audio output settings in VLC are not configured correctly. You can check the audio settings by going to “Tools” > “Preferences” > “Audio” and making sure the correct audio output is selected. Additionally, you can try to update your VLC to the latest version and check if the problem is solved.

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VLC does not control the playback of QuickTime files, because it is located. This is the only multimedia application that is not supported by VLC. Try playing check your codec first with codec sniper then try Quicktime Alternative player on this website to see if you can get your audio back. See also the Windows Media only plays on Divx on here.



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