How to use PotPlayer

download codecWant to know how to use PotPlayer? Potplayer is undeniably one of the most feature-packed video players available. Moreover, thanks to these extensive features, it transcends the realm of a typical video player. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the video recording feature, which I was aware of but never had a compelling reason to use until now.

How to use PotPlayer

During this experimentation, I made an intriguing discovery: the player is capable of recording content from external sources. This includes Analog TV, Digital TV, Webcam, and various streaming content such as URLs and FTP. Of course, this How to use PotPlayerassumes that you have properly configured them, including the necessary hardware, to work seamlessly with the player.

In essence, the player can record anything currently being played. Remarkably, it even allows you to record from playing DVDs or Blu-rays. In fact, it has dawned on me that this feature can be utilized for DVD “ripping” and similar purposes. However, it is crucial to note that this feature is distinct from screen recording. In other words, it does not capture whatever is displayed on your monitor. Instead, it records directly from the “source,” which refers to the content being decoded for your viewing pleasure.

Consequently, you have the freedom to minimize the player or leave it running in the background while performing other tasks on your computer. If this functionality aligns with your needs, allow me to provide you with instructions on how to make the most of it. Likewise also see the xvid codec for Potplayer on here.

Playing the video

Now if you want to play your video on your PC, then you can open it in the PotPlayer by clicking on the video file you want to watch. Alternality drag and drop it into the Potplayer’s interface.

Likewise if you want to play television content then there are two options available. There is an analog TV or digital TV option.Now to configure this with the player. Firstly go to Preferences > Device. You can also press Alt+D. Secondly when you want to access Analog TV by selecting menu + right-click > Open Analog TV. Likewise with digital then it will be menu + right-click > Open Digital TV.

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Likewise for streamed video you can do this by opening clicking on menu + right-click > Open URL for playback. Additionally you you can access content through FTP or other such as menu + right-click > Open FTP.

See also the Potplayer codec on here as well as the DivX H.264 Decoder and the DScaler5.


Video playback at double speed

Video playback at double speed is the most commendable function of PotPlayer. Additionally, while increasing the video playback speed, the sound remains undistorted, making it more user-friendly, especially for those watching learning videos at double speed. By right-clicking the video playback window and opening “Play–Play Speed,” you can access the deceleration and acceleration options, along with their corresponding shortcut keys X and C. Moreover, in the case of variable speed, the shortcut key Z can easily restore the playback speed to normal.

Furthermore, aside from using shortcut keys, another way to adjust the playback speed is by opening the control window (shortcut key F7) and switching to the playback tab. There, you can also modify the video’s playback speed. To ensure the video retains the desired playback speed, you can check the “Memory playback speed” option below. This will ensure that the next time you open the video, it will still play at the speed you previously set, reducing the need for repetitive adjustments.

Play frame by frame

In PotPlayer, you can use the “frame-by-frame playback” function to view videos more meticulously. While watching a video, there might be moments where you want to capture a particular frame. Relying solely on the left and right arrow keys or dragging the progress bar might be somewhat inefficient for this purpose. However, with PotPlayer’s “frame-by-frame playback” feature, you can adjust the video’s playback progress with greater precision.

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When the progress bar is positioned near the frame you want to capture, you can use the shortcut keys D or F to move forward or backward by one frame, respectively. This allows you to easily locate the exact frame you wish to capture with just a slight movement. This feature proves to be highly useful in capturing those fleeting moments during video playback. Likewise also see the Visualization in PotPlayer on here. Likewise see how to change the Potplayer skin on here.

Rotate video

Usually, when videos shot in a horizontal screen format on mobile phones are transmitted to a computer for playback, they retain the vertical screen orientation, making it inconvenient for us to watch the content. However, with PotPlayer, there is a feature to rotate the direction of the video. To access it, open “Video – Image Rotation,” where you’ll find three angles of rotation to choose from.

By setting the image rotation to “rotate 90°,”. The PotPlayer will remember this setting and apply a 90° rotation to the next opened video. Likewise even if it doesn’t need to be rotated. To achieve a more intelligent video rotation. You can opt for the “automatically rotate 0/90° according to the aspect ratio of the image” setting. This way, when opening a horizontal video. Note that it will remain unchanged, and when opening a vertical video. Likewise it will automatically rotate to a horizontal format, providing greater convenience for our viewing experience. Lastly also see the PotPlayer Appearance on here.