VLC 3D Display

download codecSee the VLC 3D Display explained. Note that the 3D or 360° video is not the same thing. With VLC player download there is the ability to creates depth in the image itself, and 360° video lets you look around freely within the scene. This part of VLC only makes an illusion of depth in a regular video using different techniques. So these are the options listed below.

VLC 3D Display

These are the options. It tricks your brain into seeing the video in 3D.

  • Anaglyph: This is as watching a movie through glasses with colored lenses which as usually red and blue.
  • Polarization: Imagine glasses with special filters that allow only certain light directions to pass through.
  • Active shutter: This method uses super fast glasses that switch between blocking one eye and then the other
  • Autostereoscopy (Glass-free 3D): This is like showing 3D images without needing any glasses.
  • Interference Filter (Super Anaglyph): This method uses specific colors of light for each eye.
  • Chromadepth: This technique uses a special film in the screen (like a tiny holographic film!)
  • Pulfrich Method: This method relies on how your brain processes light differently for each eye
  • Over/Under Method: Imagine stacking two images, one on top of the other, slightly shifted.


Activate the options

Now to configure various available colour scheme options you need to do the following.

Click on Tools ‣ Preferences(All) ‣ Video 

Then click on the drop-down to reveal ‣ Filters ‣ Anaglyph ‣ Colour scheme and the colour scheme can be changed according to will by scrolling on the options. Likewise see also the heif image extensions on here.

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VLC 3D Display

From there you will need to pick your colours. You will need to adjust these settings to get what you want. Lastly also see the VLC media player display subtitles as well as the madVR. Likewise see also the VLC playing an external audio track as well as the VLC thumbnails not showing.