How to extract audio with VLC

download codecHow to extract audio with VLC. Lets see how to do this. You will note that the VLC media player. The player also offers various audio output formats. These including MP3, FLAC, OGG, and more. Choose the format that best suits your needs. You can adjust additional settings like bitrate and channels in the “Audio codec” section of the profile list, but it’s usually safe to leave them at the default settings for most cases. See the VLC Media Player on here. Likewise see also the Haali Media Splitter on here as well.

How to extract audio with VLC

Firstly also see the VLC not showing thumbnails if there are problems. Here’s how to extract audio from a video using VLC Media Player:

1. Open VLC Media Player: Then you will need to locate and double-click the VLC icon.

2. Click on the “Convert/Save” option: – On Windows: Go to the “Media” menu in the top left corner and choose “Convert / Save.

3. Add the video file: – Click the “Add” button in the “Open Media” window. Now select the video file you want to extract the audio from. – Click “Open” to add the selected video file.

4. Choose the output profile: – Click the dropdown menu next to “Profile” and select “Audio – MP3” (or any other desired audio format like FLAC, OGG.).

5. Set the destination folder and filename: – Click the “Browse” button next to “Destination” to choose where you want to save the extracted audio file. Give the file a name.

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6. Start the conversion: – Click the “Start” button to begin extracting the audio from the video.

7. Wait for the conversion to complete: The progress bar will show the conversion status.

8. Find the extracted audio: Once finished, the extracted audio file will be saved in the location you specified in step 5. You can now find it using your file explorer and play it with any audio player. See also the VLC 3D Display on here.

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