AV Splitter

download codecAV Splitter serves as a versatile multi-format DirectShow media splitter, primarily designed to demultiplex various common types of media files. Its functionality extends to the seamless extraction and separation of audio and video streams. Thus making it an indispensable tool for users seeking precise control over media playback.

AV Splitter

One of the standout features of AV Splitter is its inherent capability for fine-tuning and adept management of both unregistered and registered media filters. This flexibility proves invaluable when dealing with different content types and media formats, as it allows the program to adapt dynamically to the specific requirements of the media being played.

AV Splitter’s adaptability extends further by accommodating various media players that rely on the DirectShow architecture. Notable examples include Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, MediaPortal, and numerous others. By seamlessly integrating with these popular media playback platforms, the program  enhances the overall media consumption experience for users across diverse environments. Likewise see also the Haali Media Splitter MKV files on ehre.


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Customization lies at the heart of AV Splitter’s appeal. It empowers users with the ability to tailor their media playback experiences according to their preferences. Whether it’s adjusting the audio and video settings, fine-tuning the synchronization of multiple media streams, or configuring subtitle tracks. Likewise the program  offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the customization process.


AV Splitter


The ability to demultiplex various media formats. Likewise combined with its capacity to manage both registered and unregistered media filters. This makes AV Splitter a valuable asset for anyone working with multimedia content. Whether you’re a casual viewer looking to enhance your movie night or a multimedia enthusiast. Seeking precise control over media playback, AV Splitter provides a reliable and adaptable solution. Likewise also see the Real Alternative as well as the Haali Media Splitter on here.

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Likewise the AV Splitter is a versatile DirectShow media program that facilitates the extraction and separation of audio and video streams from a wide range of media files. Its innate flexibility and seamless integration with popular media players. This makes it a valuable tool for users seeking personalized and finely-tuned media playback experiences. Whether you’re adjusting audio settings, managing subtitles, or fine-tuning synchronization. The program puts you in control of your multimedia content, enhancing your overall viewing and listening enjoyment. Lastly also see the alternatives to Haali Media Splitter on here as well as the LAV Filters.


Download AV Splitter (64 bit)

Download AV Splitter (32bit)


Version: Beta (June 3, 2013)