Alternatives to Haali Media Splitter

download codecWhat are the alternatives to Haali Media Splitter. There are a number of programs that allow you to split video files. These can be to extract the audio track or different video tracks. Below you will find the alternatives to the Haali Media Splitter on this website.

Alternatives to Haali Media Splitter

AV Splitter

When seeking an alternative to Haali Media Splitter, AV Splitter emerges as a valuable option. This multimedia filter is proficient in splitting and decoding audio and video streams within a variety of container formats. Catering to Windows users who rely on DirectShow-based media players.

The AV Splitter simplifies stream extraction and playback with its straightforward design. However, it’s crucial to consider that AV Splitter’s development and support might not be as active as other alternatives, potentially affecting compatibility with newer formats and operating systems.



ffdshow offers a comprehensive multimedia codec pack and filter collection that can effectively replace Haali Media Splitter. This versatile solution encompasses a wide array of codecs and filters for audio and video stream decoding and processing. Renowned for its adaptability and capacity to handle diverse multimedia formats.

Likewise the ffdshow appeals to both novice and advanced users. It provides extensive configuration options, allowing users to fine-tune playback settings to their liking. While ffdshow boasts power and versatility, its user-friendliness might not match that of other alternatives, and its development status can vary.

Lastly also see the Haali Media Splitter MKV files as well as the Heifimageextension.

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LAV Filters

The LAV Filters, comprising LAV Splitter and LAV Audio/Video Decoder, stands out as a compelling alternative to Haali Media Splitter. Meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with DirectShow-based media players on Windows, LAV Filters excel in supporting an extensive range of container formats, including MKV, AVI, and MP4.

They particularly shine in handling multiple audio and subtitle streams within these files. Celebrated for their reliability and stability, LAV Filters offer a hassle-free multimedia playback experience. Regular updates ensure ongoing compatibility with the latest formats and operating systems, solidifying their position as a preferred choice for media enthusiasts.

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