Haali Media Splitter MKV files

download codecHere’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Haali Media Splitter to extract individual audio, video, and subtitle streams. This from MKV files, with transition words to make the process more clear.

Haali Media Splitter MKV files


1. Installation: First and foremost, ensure that Haali Media Splitter is installed on your computer. Once it’s properly installed and registered with your system, you can proceed.

2. Media Player Selection: Choose a compatible media player that utilizes DirectShow filters like Haali Media Splitter. A popular choice for this purpose is “Media Player Classic – Home Cinema” (MPC-HC). If you haven’t already, install this media player.

3. File Access: Open the MKV file you wish to extract streams from using your selected media player. You can do this either through the player’s “File” menu or simply by dragging and dropping the MKV file onto the player’s interface.

4. Haali Media Splitter Configuration: To configure Haali Media Splitter and choose the streams you want to extract, you’ll need to access its options or settings. Look for the corresponding menu option within the media player’s interface.

5. Stream Selection: Within the Haali Media Splitter settings, you will find a list of the available streams within the MKV file. These streams encompass audio, video, and subtitle tracks. At this point, you should see options to select or deselect specific streams of interest.

6. Playback or Extraction: With your preferred streams selected, return to the main media player interface. Here, you have two options depending on your needs. You can either choose to play the MKV file with the selected streams, or if your media player supports this feature, you can extract the chosen streams to separate files.

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7. Enjoy or Save: If you opt for playback, sit back and enjoy the MKV file with your selected audio, video, and subtitle streams seamlessly integrated. On the other hand, if you choose to extract. Likewise the individual stream files will be saved to a location you specify on your computer.

Stream Selection and Extraction

Please be aware that the specific steps and available options may vary depending on your media player’s version. Likewise the particular configuration of Haali Media Splitter on your system. Given that Haali Media Splitter is no longer actively developed. Compatibility issues may arise with certain MKV files or Windows versions. In such cases, it might be advisable to explore alternative media players or codec packs that provide more up-to-date support for MKV files. Likewise there is also the FFmpeg as well as the Change loud MKV video files and finally the madvr download.