Visualization in PotPlayer

download codecConsidering creating a basic video visualization in PotPlayer for your music? If you’re unable to invest in specialized software designed for this purpose. I have an alternative suggestion for you. Although the outcome may not possess a professional look, as I mentioned earlier, the approach is simple and the results are surprisingly decent, especially considering it doesn’t involve any expenses.

Visualization in PotPlayer

To accomplish this, we’ll utilize a robust video player called Potplayer, which you might already be familiar with. Potplayer is capable of playing various video and audio formats without requiring the installation of cumbersome codec packs. It’s readily available for Windows users and is completely free, with no additional costs involved. See also that you have the open codec for potplayer installed as well as the HEIF and HEVC media extensions.

PotPlayer actually offers built-in visualizations that can be activated while playing audio files. These visualizations are reminiscent of those found in Windows Media Player (WMP), which you may already be familiar with if you’ve used it for music playback. Likewise see how to do this in the Kodi Media Player.

However, it’s important to note that PotPlayer doesn’t include all of the visualizations from WMP. It specifically includes the Alchemy visualization, which comprises a variety of randomly alternating visual patterns. However, it curiously omits the Battery and Bars and Waves visualizations.

Additionally, there’s another visualization option called Floating Ball, where colored balls bounce randomly across the screen, as the name suggests. Interestingly, PotPlayer allows you to combine these two visualizations, enabling them to be rendered simultaneously. This combined setting is appropriately named “WMP Visualization + Floating Ball” in PotPlayer.

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Making a Video

Fortunately, there’s no need for a screen recording program to accomplish this. While you have the option to use one, it’s not the most ideal approach. Why is that? Also see the AC3 Filter on here.

Screen recording tends to reduce the video quality and restricts you to the resolution of your monitor. To ensure the best possible quality, PotPlayer can handle both the rendering and recording processes for you, which is quite convenient.

Firstly let us configure the PotPlayer to show the visualisations. We can do this in two formats The default format has a resolution at 640×480. Likewise you can increase this to 1920×1080 (HD) if you want this.

Note that the higher the resolution you will need to have a more powerful computer. So yes it will take longer but simply close down certain programs you are running.

Lastly, we’ll need PotPlayer to simultaneously record and encode the visualizations as it plays them. Fortunately, PotPlayer is equipped to perform this task, and it even offers various codecs to compress the video on the fly.

Ultimately, you’ll obtain an MP4 file (or any other format of your choice, such as MKV, WMV, AVI, etc.) that can be played on any modern media player or edited using a video editing software. Lastly also see how to use Potplayer.