Zoom Player

download codecDownload the Zoom Player that comes in three options. The  media player Home Free, media player Home Professional, and media player Home MAX. The first two are still being developed except for the later. There are other media players on this website as well. These are the VLC Media Player, FLV Player, GOM Player as well as the VP9 Video Extension and the HEVC Video Extension as well.

Zoom Player

Some features of the media player include:

  1. Supports a wide range of media formats
  2. Customizable interface
  3. Advanced playback controls
  4. Advanced audio and video playback options
  5. Playlist management
  6. Support for subtitles
  7. Remote control support
  8. Built-in file browser
  9. Automatically downloads necessary codecs
  10. Minimal system requirements
  11. Easy-to-use interface
  12. Supports full screen and windowed modes.

The MPC-HC as well as the Media Player Classic is no different in this regard. See further matters regarding the player.

Difference between Zoom Player Free and Zoom Player professional

The difference between the Home Free and Home Professional software player are:

  1. Features: The professional version of Zoom Player includes additional features that the free version does not offer such as DVD playback as well as live streaming support able to save the video playback positions;
  2. Support: The paid for version offers technical support while the free version does not.
  3. Upgrades: The payment version offers free upgrades for life, while the free version may not receive updates.
  4. Cost: The cost is only for the professional version.

Note also that there is now live YouTube stream support. This is using the latest version of the 3DYD YouTube source and LAV Filters as well. See also the older DivX H.264 decoder on here as well.

See also  PotPlayer

Zoom Player

(version : 17.1 – Updated: 9 Nov 2022)