FLV Player

download codecDownload the FLV Player here. The player is a media player software used to play Flash Video format videos. It is often used as a browser plug-in for displaying these videos on web pages. Note that when you install the play you can skip installing the adverts on the software.

FLV Player

Some common features of FLV players include:

  1. Support for FLV video format
  2. Playback control options (play, pause, stop, etc.)
  3. Volume control
  4. Full-screen viewing
  5. Video progress bar
  6. Option to loop video playback
  7. Support for multiple video resolutions
  8. Video aspect ratio control
  9. Ability to display embedded video subtitles (if present).

See also the LAV Filters on here as well as other media players. These are such players as the well known GOM Player as well as the VP9 Video Extension which is used by Google. The Sony RAW Codec may also be of help to you.

Regarding the aspect ratio, most FLV player have options for adjusting aspect ratio to fit the screen or maintain the original aspect ratio of the video.

To make screenshots of the video while playing, you can use the built-in screenshot feature of the FLV player or press the print screen button on your keyboard and paste the image into an image editing software like Paint or Photoshop.

Some versions also offer karaoke filters. This allows users to display lyrics or captions on the video while playing. These filters can be added as plugins or integrated into the player’s software. Some popular versions with karaoke filters include VLC Player, GOM Player, and KMPlayer. Keep in mind that not all FLV players have this feature, so you may need to search for a player that has karaoke filters before making a selection.

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Search this webiste  for more information on media players as well as for codecs.

Download FLV Player

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