MPC Video Renderer

download codecDownload the MPC Video Renderer  here. The Media Player Classic (MPC) is a popular media player that can be used in conjunction with the madVR video renderer. MadVR as you will know is a high-quality video renderer that enhances the visual quality of videos by using advanced algorithms for upscaling, chroma upsampling, and other post-processing techniques. There is also the media player classic and MPC-HC as well.

MPC Video Renderer

Now to use madVR with MPC, you will need to configure MPC to use madVR as the renderer. This can be done by going to the player’s settings. Then select the “Playback” option, and then proceed to choosing “madVR” from the renderer drop-down menu. Now once you have completed this, you can use the media player to play videos. Then madVR will be used to render the video output, providing improved visual quality.

It is also worth noting that not all MPC version have madVR renderer option built in. You might need to install the madVR separately and configure it to work with MPC. Note also, it’s worth noting that madVR settings are quite complex and it’s recommended to use the default settings for starters and then adjust them according to your specific display and content.

VideoRenderer DX11 mode

The Video Renderer DX11 mode in madVR uses the new ISubRender11 subtitle rendering interface, which is a DirectX 11-based GUI for rendering subtitles. This interface allows madVR to take advantage of the features of DirectX 11. These include but not limited to hardware acceleration. This is also to improve the performance and visual quality of subtitle rendering.

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The ISubRender11 interface provides several benefits over the older ISubRender interface, including:

  • Hardware acceleration: You will note that the GUI can use the GPU to render your subtitles. This will surely improve the speed as well as improve performance and reduce CPU usage;
  • Improved visual quality: The GUI also supports higher-quality rendering techniques. These are the sub-pixel positioning as well as anti-aliasing. This results in sharper and more legible subtitles;
  • Flexibility: The GUI which allows madVR to use different subtitle rendering algorithms. This of course is going to depend on a specific GPU as well as the driver in use. Compatibility and better performance there will be.
  • Compatibility: The ISubRender11 GUI is compatible with a wide range of subtitle formats, including SRT, ASS, and PGS.

Using the Video Renderer DX11 mode with madVR allows users to have a better subtitle rendering with the support of hardware acceleration, better visual quality, flexibility and compatibility.

MPC Video Renderer