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Error C00D10D1 on Media Player

download codecQuestion: When I try and play a video the Windows Media Player give me the error C00D10D1 and refuses to play the video.

Best Answer: The error code shows that there is a codec short on the computer and Windows Media Player cannot play the file. You have 2 options. There is the shotgun option meaning you simply install the K-Lite Codec pack which should solve the issue or you can use Codec Sniper and find out which codec the file is looking for to play and then only install this codec.

Codec Sniper is still the better option when it comes to solving the issues. Download the file and install it. Then “Right-Click” on the file and it will tell you what the codec is that is needed. Take it from me that this is a far better option than installing a codec pack as those just make a bigger mess in many cases.

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